Unifying The Commercial Kitchen Repair Industry

We grew up in restaurant kitchens and understand dealing with equipment breakdowns is a logistical nightmare for everyone involved. We wished our Industry had a solution like Roopairs, but there was nothing. So we created it!

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Our Story is Our Secret Sauce

Roopairs was ignited in the kitchen by founders Ray & David Bartolomucci. The brothers grew up in their father's restaurants in the SF Bay Area, and from real-life experiences, they dealt with equipment breakdowns. Ray & David know the logistical nightmares of "1-800" numbers for warranty service and "Old School" communication of Pen & Paper with service companies.

The brothers would always ask each other, "Why are equipment breakdowns such a pain? Why are Commercial Kitchen Repair Companies still running on Pen & Paper or antiquated software from the '80s?" They figured there had to be a better way to optimize commercial kitchen repairs. And… That's how Roopairs was born.

The journey of Roopairs led them down a path to discover how broken technology is across the commercial kitchen supply chain in the service industry. The industry is so complex because there are so many different players involved: Manufacturers, Reps, Dealers, Service Agents, Parts Distributors, and Foodservice Operators. Each player in the commercial kitchen supply chain somehow dips their toes in service, and Commercial Kitchen Repair Companies are at the center of everyone to keep kitchens running smoothly.

But why now?

The food delivery market is exploding, therefore the Commercial Kitchen Repair Industry is in more demand than ever before. By 2030, the food delivery market will be a 1 trillion dollar market. It is currently a $40 Billion market to put things in perspective. Why is this relevant? Commercial Kitchen Repair Companies will be in more demand than ever before to repair and maintain equipment.

The Roopairs Mission is to unify the Commercial Kitchen Repair Industry with Modern technology that keeps commercial kitchens hoppin' and food on the table. Foodservice Operators across the world would not be able to feed their customers and families if it wasn't for service companies. Finally, there is software dedicated to the everyday service heroes. Finally, it's time for software dedicated to Commercial Kitchen Repair Companies and connecting everyone involved in the service supply chain.

The Vision

Provide an interconnected service experience to every kitchen in the world.

The Mission

At Roopairs, we are are on a mission to help keep food on the table.
We achieve this through empowering the Commercial Kitchen Repair Industry with modern tools to enable deeper communication and stronger shared data - optimizing the industry’s workflows, and making everyone more efficient and collaborative than ever before.

Meet the Founders

Our team is made up of restaurant industry vets and technology gurus. Together, we are changing the landscape of the Commercial Kitchen Repair Industry.

Roopairs Careers

Passionate about the behind the scenes operations of the restaurant industry or just love creating excellent and much needed software? We’re hiring and we want you to apply.

Partners & investors

David J. Bartolomucci

Alexander Kavanaugh

Ray Bartolomucci

Takumi Arai



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