The end‑to‑end work order management platform for service companies and restaurants.

I run a Restaurant

Roopairs connects you with licensed service pros so your equipment stays up and running.

I'm a Service Pro

Roopairs manages clients for you and bills them automatically so you don't have to chase money.

Equipment breaks down.

Roopairs is here to help.

Here's how it works:

01. Submit Request

The Restaurant creates a work order for equipment service needs.

02. Receive Request

The Service Pro receives the work order in their inbox and accepts it.

03. Get Notified

The Restaurant receives a notification that the work order has been accepted.

04. Complete Job

The Service Pro sends a technician to complete the work order as requested.

05. Receive Invoice

The Restaurant receives an electronic invoice once the job is complete.

06. Get Paid

The Service Pro receives payment electronically as soon as the invoice is paid.

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What our customers are saying

“As a multi-restaurant owner—who values keeping my equipment serviced and repaired—Roopairs is making my life easier, more efficient. I am better organized, there is better communication and much better record keeping for each piece of equipment.”

Robin Covey Novo, Luna Red, Mint & Craft